Why you should buy software UTM and not hardware UTM?

It is a mis-belief that hardware based products are more stable. The fact however is that hardware based products are nothing but a mini and limited functionality computers with embedded software (called firmware).

Please checkout the boxes below to find out the advantages of our software based UTM system over proprietary hardware based UTM boxes.


You can install our product on a virtual system so that it does not occupy any physical space.


Most people have wrong belief that software based products are unstable.

We have clients where system has been running non-stop from more than 300 days and still going on.

While hardware switches and routers have needed reboots more often in their network.

Use Existing System

You can install our product on an existing system hence no additional investment needs to be made.

Freedom of Space

With hardware firewall you get limited disk space OR you need to keep taking backup of logs in external drives or machines.

With software firewall you get to choose the size of disk space that you want, which can be virtually unlimited.

Personal Softwares

With our product, you can install your own softwares. This is not possible with hardware based UTM boxes.

Additional Features

With our product, you can have additional features, like FTP server, Backup system, Windows shares, Web server etc.

This is not possible with hardware based UTM boxes as they have only pre-set features.

Flexible System

With our product, you can upgrade hard disk space, RAM capacity etc. any time you feel, as need arises.

With hardware based UTM boxes, this is mostly not possible (or they give you very limited choices at their own price).

Technology always beats Hardware!

As new technologies keep coming, old hardware UTM boxes eventually become obsolete. You have to purchase the latest box if you want latest technology (e.g. 100Mbps to 1Gbps or USB2 to USB3 etc.).

Our product being software based you simply need to upgrade the hardware part (e.g. new LAN card, new USB port etc.).

Tamper Proof Warranty

In case of hardware based UTM boxes warranty will become void if you tamper with hardware. With our product, such a question does not arise.

Limited Years Warranty

Once your hardware becomes old, most vendors stop giving support for it and you are forced to buy new box after few years.

Standby System

With hardware based products you can not have a standby system (unless you purchase additional box).

With our product, you can have a standby system ready as a backup.

Vendor Independent

With hardware based UTM system, you will have to wait for vendor engineer in case of any hardware fault.

With our product, you can replace hardware on your own, normally within 15 minutes.

Quick Replacement

In case of failure, replacement time with hardware based UTM can be more than two days based on replacement availability.

With our product, it takes hardly one hour to re-install.