VPN with support for mobiles – BtVPN

Does your VPN support mobiles, tablets, iPhones? Get modern, fast and lightweight VPN server.

Get our Virtual Private Networking (VPN) product (BtVPN) and get unmatched features:

  1. Modern and Low cost
  2. No user based license
  3. Mobile support
  4. Works behind any Firewall
  5. One Time Password (OTP)
  6. Three Factor Authentication
  7. 2048 bit encryption
  8. Dynamic IP support
  9. Load balance

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Product Guarantee

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Low Cost

Very low cost VPN and yet very powerful and secure.

Works behind any Firewall

Works behind any firewall / UTM box. So you can stop paying for existing expensive VPN and get our low cost but highly secure solution.

Or better you can even have a look at our own firewall / UTM product – BtNet. For details, click here.

One Time Password (OTP) / Two Factor Authentication (TFA)

Supports One time password (OTP) / Two factor authentication (TFA) which virtually makes your account unbreakable.

Supported mobiles are Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Blackberry.

Password based authentication

Traditional username and password based authentication is also supported.

Certificate based Authentication

Only those having valid certificate can access the VPN.

City / Country / Distance Based Access Control

Allow user to access e-mail only from a particular city or country or even based on distance from a particular city.

Block attacks from foreign countries.

IP based restriction

You can restrict user’s VPN access based on IP address.

Site-to-site VPN

You can also create site-to-site OR LAN-to-LAN VPN.

No User Limit

Create as many VPN users as you want. We do not charge you per user!

VPN on mobile too!

Your VPN that works even on mobile. You can even connect your laptop via your mobile WiFi hotspot!

Supports Android version 4 or later, iPhone 3GS and later, iPod touch (3rd generation or later), iPad. iOS 5 or later.

Highly secure 2048-bit encryption

Scientifically/mathematically proven to be un-crackable till year 2030!

Uses X.509 PKI (public key infrastructure) based security certificates (v3).

Fast, lightweight and router friendly protocol

UDP based communication makes it fast. Can also work behind NAT and can also use HTTP proxy.

Smart Adaptive Data Compression

Smartly compresses uncompressed data and leaves already compressed data, as is, to save system resources.

Diffie–Hellman (D-H) key exchange

Widely used algorithm for initial key exchange.

HMAC based DoS protection

HMAC based packet authentication helps prevent packet spoofing and Denial-of-Service (DoS) attack

Blowfish / 3DES / AES Ciphers

Supports standard cipher algorithms.

Datagram Replay Protection

Sliding window algorithm to protect against replay attacks by man-in-middle.

Certificate compromise protection (CRL)

Supports certificate revocation list (CRL) incase the certificate is stolen.

Load balance

Supports random load balancing to reduce load on the server.

Fallback IP address / ISP

Works even with multiple IP addresses / ISPs.

If one line goes down, it automatically works with second line.

Dynamic Client IP

Works even with clients whose IP address keeps changing.

No Broadcast

Does not pass data sent on broadcast IP. Hence, saves lots of precious bandwidth.