Feature rich E-mail system with Powerful Firewall – BtMail

Do you spend on Firewall and E-mail system separately? Why not save thousands a year immediately?

Get our Unified Internet and E-mail product (BtMail with BtNet) and get unmatched features:

  1. Unlimited users / space
  2. Mobile access
  3. Mail pulling (SSL too)
  4. Short-circuit local e-mails
  5. (Optional) Host your own server
  6. Attachment control
  7. External access control
  8. E-mail records for cyber crimes and laws
  9. Full BtNet firewall

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Internet Management and Control System – BtNet

Is your staff unhappy because you block internet?

Give your staff the freedom without allowing them to misuse your system.

BtNet – Unified Threat Management system which acts as:

  1. Firewall with IPS and IDS
  2. Auto-switch ISPs with alerts
  3. HTTP/HTTPS website control
  4. Policies per User / Group policies
  5. Automatic Time based control
  6. Logs for cyber crimes and laws
  7. Keep logs for years and years
  8. NAT/DMZ/Port block and all that.

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Enterprise Instant Messaging System – BtIM

If you are into business where instant communication is must (like Stock market), you may find E-mail messaging or Text SMS too slow or unreliable.

We have just a right product for such a situation.

Our Enterprise Instant Messaging System (BtIM) features:

  1. Use E-mail address as Chat ID
  2. Offline messaging / Chat / IM logs
  3. Group chat / Conference Rooms
  4. Content filter / Packet filter
  5. Browser / Mobile support

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VPN with support for mobiles – BtVPN

Does your VPN support mobiles, tablets, iPhones? Get modern, fast and lightweight VPN server.

Get our Virtual Private Networking (VPN) product (BtVPN) and get unmatched features:

  1. Modern and Low cost
  2. No user based license
  3. Mobile support
  4. Works behind any Firewall
  5. One Time Password (OTP)
  6. Three Factor Authentication
  7. 2048 bit encryption
  8. Dynamic IP support
  9. Load balance

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Cyber Law Compliance

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