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Biztact LogoBiztact Solutions Private Limited is a company established in 2001 with an aim to offer the tactical and secure business solutions to the enterprises wishing to establish their businesses online.

Biztact has been pioneered by the team of entrepreneurs and developers with over fifteen years of experience in the field of Information Technology and Businesses. Based on the vast experience, the solutions offered by Biztact are designed to have the ease of implementation and flexibility such that the enterprise can setup its business online in a day.

Biztact offers dedicated service called BtGeek service.

  • BtGeek is our IT expert with years of knowledge in IT industry.
  • Whenever you have IT related query, your BtGeek is just a phone call away.
  • BtGeek is a pay-per-use service. So you pay only for the questions asked!
  • BtGeek can also help you decide which Products to buy.

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Guidance and suggestions for securing and improving online business.

Debug and resolve issues and bugs in your existing project.


Develop software programs in the language you want.

Give your old projects a new life, let us handle them.

Debug and resolve, issues and bugs in your existing project.


Team with experience of more than fifteen years.

We have expertise in the field of IT and security.

We also have expertise in Linux (LAMP) / C++ / Java / PHP / Perl etc.

Pay-per-use model

Based on your BtGeek package, you only have to pay per question asked.

Phone call away

Your BtGeek is always a phone call away.

So you do not have to look out for anyone else for IT related queries.

Dedicated Geek

You will be assigned same BtGeek every time.

So you always get same comfort level.

Knowledge Base

Get access to vast database of ready questions and answers.


For projects which we do not take up, we give you best references to other Geeks.

Fees and Terms

Fees, terms and conditions depend on your BtGeek package. They also depend on the questions, projects etc. based on time and work involved etc.

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Product Guarantee

Biztact has a team of developers with over fifteen years of experience.

When you buy a product from us its a win-win situation for both.

What we mean by that is, (more…)