BtCal – Personal and Shared Calendar System

BtCal is an add-on module for BtMaila feature rich e-mail system.

It adds calendar functionality to BtMail making it a complete Groupware which supports E-mail, Contacts and Calendar system.

Please checkout the boxes below for more information about BtCal.

Personal Calendar

Store your personal calendar on server.

Multiple Calendars

Supports multiple calendars per person.

You can create different calendars for different purpose. For e.g. Home, Office, Birthday etc.

Shared Calendar

Share your selected calendars with selected people.

Free/Busy Information

Share your Free or Busy information with others.

Tasks Support

Create and store tasks not just time and date based events.

Import / Export Calendar

Supports importing and exporting of calendars in iCalendar (ics) format.

Supports iCalendar (ics) format

Supports iCalendar (ics) format which is also supported by Google calendar, Apple calendar, Yahoo! calendar, Lotus Notes etc.

CalDAV based implementation

Uses CalDAV based internet standards for accessing calendars.

AJAX based web interface

One can also use AJAX based web interface for accessing personal calendars.


Supports ActiveSync for direct access to personal calendars via latest smart phones.

Import / Export Addressbooks

BtCal module also supports creation of addressbooks. (CardDAV based)

You can also import / export your addressbooks (vCard format).


If your calendar client supports it, you can also get reminders for the upcoming events.

Multiple Addressbooks

BtCal module also supports creation of address books. (CardDAV based)

You can create multiple personal address books. This allows you to create different address books for different purposes. For e.g. Relatives, Official etc.

Supported Clients

The following clients are supported:

  1. Mozilla SeaMonkey
    (Browser, E-mail, Calendar – all in one)
  2. Mozilla Thunderbird
    (with Lightning add-on)
  3. Apple iCal
  4. Apple iPhone
  5. Android phones
    (using aCal app or suitable connector)
  6. Any CalDAV client which supports iCalendar (ics) format

Availability of certain features may depend on the client used.

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