Enterprise Instant Messaging System – BtIM

If you are into business where instant communication is must (like Stock market), you may find E-mail messaging or Text SMS too slow or unreliable.

We have just a right product for such a situation.

BtIM – The Enterprise Instant Messaging System.

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Cyber Law Compliance

A company can be held liable for cyber crimes committed using company’s resources.

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Product Guarantee

Biztact has a team of developers with over fifteen years of experience.

When you buy a product from us its a win-win situation for both.

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FAQ / Comments

Below you will find Frequently asked questions, comments on BtIM by visitors.

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Re-use E-mail ID

Your E-mail ID also becomes your Chat ID, making it easy to remember.

Mobile support

Works on Smartphones as well, so you are always in touch!

XMPP/Jabber based

This is same technology that WhatsApp uses.

Client and OS independent

Being revolutionary XMPP based system, you can choose any XMPP chat client of your choice. Like Pidgin, Trillian, Adium, iChat, etc.

Friends List

You can create friends list which immediately shows when a person logs in or out of the system.

Offline Messages

If person you want to send message to, is not online. You can leave him offline message which he  will receive when he logs in.

File Transfer support

Supports File transfer. Feature can be disabled too.

Chat Logs

Records of all conversations between users along with time stamp.

SSL support

Chat via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for highest security.

Browser support

Directly chat using web browser. Helpful when you don’t have chat client available on system.

Graphical stats

Graphically shows statistics, to easily find out amount of activity going on in system.

Chat Rooms / Conferences

Create chat rooms and conference rooms for chatting in group.

Online Users

You can instantly check who is online right now.

Content Filter

Block or mask certain words. Helpful to block abusive words.

Kick / Lock / Disable

Mischievous user? Kick and lock temporarily OR disable permanently.

Broadcast Message

Something important to send to all? Send broadcast message!


Supports Message of the Day (MotD) which is sent whenever a person logs in.

Remote Chat

Supports chatting from remote location.

BtNet Sync

When you create user in BtNet, you have option of creating same user in BtIM. Password also synchronizes.