Internet Management and Control System – BtNet

Giving internet to staff is now becoming increasingly necessary. But currently there are several issues associated with it.

  • A particular person may misuse the internet which leads to restrictions for all.
  • You want to prevent misuse of the internet and your staff wants flexibility.
  • There is always a threat of intrusion, hackers, viruses and trojans.
  • Internet downtime can no more be affordable. Non-stop internet is must.
  • Increase in cyber crimes requires keeping of activity record.
    Government/Audit department may require you to provide
    record of sites accessed on a particular day by a particular person.

BtNet is not just a simple firewall but Unified Threat Management system which resolves above problems and also provides following features.

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Cyber Law Compliance

A company can be held liable for cyber crimes committed using company’s resources.

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Product Guarantee

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FAQ / Comments

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BtNet Demo

This video shows some (but not all) features of BtNet.



… and DNAT, SNAT, DNS and all that supported!

BtVPN Addon

You can also get all the features of BtVPN integrated with BtNet.

For details, click here.

Userwise Access Controls

Decide which user can access which website at what time. Create group policies. Select from pre-defined website categories.

Country Based Access Control

Allow access to certain ports / services only from a particular country.

Block attacks to important ports / services from foreign countries.

Let’s Encrypt

BtNet has inbuilt support for Let’s Encrypt certificates which means you get Green Padlock (secure and verified SSL site icon) for BtNet administration.

Rated ‘A’ on Qualys SSL Tests.

TLS 1.3, SSL and Perfect Forward Secrecy

BtNet supports latest TLS 1.3 security along with Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) and 2048 bit SSL certificate based access.

This means your access to system has highest security and can not be compromised even if long-term keys are compromised in future!

Rated ‘A’ on Qualys SSL Tests.

DNS over TLS and DNS over HTTPS

BtNet supports latest DNS secure standards like DNS over TLS (DoT) and DNS over HTTPS (DoH).

This means your ISP can not sniff or track your DNS traffic!

IP Hashing / IP Sets

Smart IP hashing and IP sets technology makes sure that rule traversal (and load) does not increase much, even if number of users increase.

Using IP sets you can block hundreds of IPs with just one single rule instead of creating 100 rules!

Logs for Years!

No need to keep backing up logs in separate machine. Activity logs can be kept for years and years.

See Current Activity

Find out who is accessing which website. Stop the misuse of the internet.

Auto-switch ISPs with alerts

Your internet will never go down! Create fallback ISP policies. Multiple fallback. Load balance the bandwidth.

Userwise ISP Lines

Decide which user will use which internet line at what time!

Automatic Time based Policies

Remove restrictions and give freedom to staff members during lunch hours or 30 minutes before or after office hours.

Scheduled or Temporary Policies

Automatically change user’s policy by creating schedule. Handy when you want to change user’s policy temporarily.

Our system will automatically change it back after certain minutes or hours.

Repeating Policies

You can also create repeating schedule policies which will be repeated at fixed time (say 1 to 2PM) at fixed interval (say every day).

You can also specify end time, after which repeating stops.

Not just IDS but IPS with DPI

Not just Intrusion Detection System but also an Intrusion Prevention System with Deep Packet Inspection (DPI).

We don’t sell you IDS naming it as IPS. There is a huge difference!

Simple Interface

Select User, select Policy. That’s it! No complicated process for assigning policies to users.

HTTPS Blocking

Userwise HTTPS domain blocking is also possible. No need to install any certificate on client’s machine.

Block Downloads

You can block user from downloading by using Content type in addition to by URL.

Userwise Port Blocking

You can block different ports for different users.

Virus Protection (Anti-virus)

Every website accessed is scanned for viruses and trojans.

Phishing Protection

Block malware/phishing sites even before being accessed.

Speed Control

Decide which user gets how much speed.

User Statistics / Reports

Detailed statistics with graphs for each user per day, per month, per year.

MRTG Graphs

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly bandwidth graphs to easily know if your ISP is giving you correct speed.


System watchdog auto-detects problems with system component and tries to repair it. Alerts you with issues.

Technical Details

Kernel 5+
64bit system
Upto 16TB RAM
GPT Partitioning
EFI support
HDD upto 1 Exbibyte