Feature rich E-mail system with Powerful Firewall – BtMail

BtMail is a new-concept e-mail system which includes Firewall so your company instantly saves the firewall cost of atleast 20-30 thousand rupees a year.

It is not just ordinary firewall, it includes full fledged Unified Threat Management systemBtNet.

BtMail itself has unmatched features related to E-mail.

As cyber crimes increase day-by-day. Government/Audit department may require you to provide record of a particular email sent or received on a particular day by a particular person.

The focus of combined product is not just on external hackers but also protection from internal misuse.

BtMail with BtNet becomes an ideal choice at eye-catching price!

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Cyber Law Compliance

A company can be held liable for cyber crimes committed using company’s resources.

You never know if someone can post inflammatory comments on blog or internet. You never know if (more…)

Product Guarantee

Biztact has a team of developers with over fifteen years of experience.

When you buy a product from us its a win-win situation for both.

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FAQ / Comments

Below you will find Frequently asked questions, comments on BtMail by visitors.

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BtMail Demo

This video shows some (but not all) features of BtMail.

Full BtNet Firewall

All the features of BtNet firewall are integrated with BtMail.

For details, click here.

One Time Password (OTP) / Two Factor Authentication (TFA)

Supports One time password (OTP) / Two factor authentication (TFA) which virtually makes your account unbreakable.

Supported mobiles are Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Blackberry.

POP / IMAP / SMTP / Web access

All basic features that one expects in an e-mail system.

Let’s Encrypt

BtMail has inbuilt support for Let’s Encrypt certificates which means you get Green Padlock (secure and verified SSL site icon) for BtMail webmail and supported by latest e-mail clients.

Rated ‘A’ on Qualys SSL Tests.

TLS 1.3, SSL and Perfect Forward Secrecy

In addition to SSL, BtMail supports latest TLS 1.3 security along with Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS).

This means that your data is secure even if long-term keys are compromised in future!

Rated ‘A’ on Qualys SSL Tests.

DKIM Signing

BtMail supports DKIM signing of outgoing e-mails.

This means that your e-mails are properly verified and recognized as authentic e-mails.

SSL based access

Protection from man-in-middle attack. Full SSL support with 2048 bit certificates.

Mobile Access

You can access your e-mails even from mobiles.

Personal E-mail System

(Optional feature) No more paying for 3rd party service provider. You can have your own e-mail system in your own premises. Complete Privacy.

External E-mail Restriction

Decide who can receive e-mail from outside and who can send e-mail outside.

External Access Control

Decide if person can access e-mail only from office or from home too?

City / Country / Distance Based Access Control

Allow user to access e-mail only from a particular city or country or even based on distance from a particular city.

Block attacks from foreign countries.

Attachment Control

Decide who can send which type of e-mail attachments and to which domains.

Recipient Control

Restrict sending/receiving of E-mail based on number of recipients.

Ready to Fetch E-mails

Your e-mails are pre-fetched before you reach your office, so you don’t have to wait for them to download.

Short Circuit Local E-mails

Internal e-mails get directly delivered internally. Saving lots of internet bandwidth as well as waiting time for e-mail to arrive.

Instant Log Search

Check who sent e-mail to whom? Who received e-mail from whom?

Full Copy of all E-mails

Keep full copy of e-mails sent and received by anyone.

Unlimited Space / Unlimited Users

Keep Gigabytes of e-mails without paying for it every month.


Every incoming e-mail is scanned for viruses.

Triple Engine Spamguard

Every e-mail passes through three different spam engines. Hence system catches most of the spam e-mails.

Greylisting / DNS based blacklisting / White listing

With such advanced methods, system rejects spam e-mail even before it arrives.

Direct Delivery

Ability to deliver e-mails directly to recipient server.

Vacation Auto-reply / E-mail groups

.. and Forwarders, Spell Check, Message Filters and all that supported!

Disaster Recovery System

Easy Disaster Recovery System. Supports real-time archiving and near real-time mirroring system.

No additional software required for the mail recovery from archive server.

Mail Queue

Check currently pending e-mails in the queue.

Technical Details

Kernel 5+
64bit system
Upto 16TB RAM
GPT Partitioning
EFI support
HDD upto 1 Exbibyte