Cyber Law Compliance

A company can be held liable for cyber crimes committed using company’s resources.

You never know if someone can post inflammatory comments on blog or internet. You never know if someone would harass or send threats to co-worker or someone else via e-mail.

Cyber crime inside a company directly affects company’s reputation in the market. Damages due to cyber crimes can easily cost millions to the company. At times it can also lead to arrest of company’s top officials.

Here are two articles related to cyber crime:

To summarize:

  • All over world computer related crimes cost 50 billion dollars per year of which 80% crimes are committed by “insider”
  • The greatest threat to intellectual property is trusted insiders; 70% of security breaches come from inside
  • Average fraud inflicts loss of 110000 dollars per corporate.

How can a company be safe?

If a company can demonstrate a “duty of care” to reduce unacceptable employee activity, then it could minimize its potential for liability.

Government may ask you to provide records of websites accessed on a particular day by a particular person. Government may ask you to provide record of particular e-mail sent on a particular day by a particular person.

Hence it is always advisable to keep records of such activities. So that you can provide the same easily to the Government / Law department / or your own audit department on demand.

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